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Welcome to week five of reviewing some of the greatest marketing campaigns! This week I will be sharing with you and featuring five outdoor ads.

Outdoor Ad #1:           “Straw, Windows”

Coca-Cola Ad Campaign

Agency Network: McCann

October 2010

Link to “Straw, Windows”

The Coca-Cola “Straw, Windows” add is very eye-catching. This ad is displayed on the side of a building. The background of the ad is red with a glass Coca-Cola bottle located in the center. Out of the top of the Coca-Cola bottle there are seven different straws coming up and each straw is going inside of one of the building windows giving the idea that people within those windows are each drinking coke from the bottle. The bottle is partially empty. The caption says, “refresh on the Coca-Cola side of life.” This ad uses humor to get the viewer’s attention. The appeal is the yummy coke inside which is evident by the seven straws all-consuming the coke product. The objective of the ad is to sell more Coca-Cola. The target market is all of those who view this ad each day as they are in the vicinity of this building. The value proposition is that everybody loves this product.

Outdoor Ad #2:           “Eat Mor Chickin”


The Richards Group

June, 2016

Link to the ad “Eat Mor Chikin”

The “Eat Mor Chikin” Chick-fil-A ad is a no brainer to include while featuring outdoor ads. We have all come to know and love the Chick-fil-A cows that cannot spell, but who are attempting to save their own lives by advertising how great Chick-fil-A’s chicken is! These ads get the viewer’s attention by evoking an emotional response by using humor. The objective of the ad is to obtain more customers.  There are no pictures of exact items that Chick-fil-A provides. Most, if not all, viewers are familiar with Chick-fil-A’s products and most love them. The target market is everyone driving by that might be hungry and need food to fill that need. The value proposition is to eat more! What I have often considered is how many children will grow up not knowing how to spell correctly by viewing these ads!

Outdoor Ad #3:           Powerade Interactive Billboards


Ogilby & Mather

Link to the Ads:         

I loved the Powerade interactive billboards ads. There are several of them in this series. Each ad has a way for the viewers to actually participate directly with the billboard ads. For example, one of the ads is a climbing wall where passersby can actually climb the billboard. The product being advertised for is Powerade. The emotional response is adventure. The objective of these ads is to sell more Powerade and the target market are all the people that walk by the billboards. Whether or not those walking by choose to interact with the billboards or not, they will not easily forget them.

Outdoor Ad #4:           “The Delta Dating Wall”

Delta Airlines

Link to the Ad “The Delta Dating Wall”

The billboard “The Delta Dating Wall” is a very inventive billboard display that takes up two sides of a building. The background of the ad is white. Several pictures of real destinations that Delta Airlines travels to are located on the billboard with the passersby having the option to stop and snap a selfie of themselves in front of the different picture destinations. The appeal to the passersby is adventure. Who does not like to snap selfies these days? The objective of the billboard ad is to advertise all of the awesome locations that Delta Airlines travels to. The target market is everyone that loves to travel. The value proposition is the adventure and unexpected connections that may occur when traveling. How exciting!

Outdoor Ad #5:           “Advertise Wisely”

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Link to “Advertise Wisely”

The ad “Advertise Wisely” is the second digital ad found at the link above. Digital ads allow for more than one ad to be displayed at a time. I particularly loved the “Advertise Wisely” ad which was advertising for digital outdoor marketing. The ad features a cute owl on it with the words, “Advertising Wisely” and includes the phone number for persons who wish to contact the digital advertising company. The emotion evoked is “Oh, how cute!” I have noticed that many advertisements include cute animals of some sort which appeals to many.  Of course, owls are known for their wise and intelligent ways and if you also want to be wise and intelligent then you must call the number to advertise your product. The objective is to obtain more business ads for their digital displays and the value proposition is that their company is the smartest way to go about it.

2 thoughts on “Marketing…Billboard Ads”

  1. Hello Kay,
    You’ve really chosen some phenomenal outdoor ads to discuss this week. I like the 3-d effect that Coca Cola and Chick-Fil-A have chosen to display. Even though I’ve never seen the “Straw, Windows” ad in person, the Chick-Fil-A campaign is one that is recognized all over the south. They have made it a very common billboard to see, so much so, it sometimes act as a landmark. I also like the Powerade and Delta Airlines interactive outdoor ads you discuss. Both have themes that go along with their product/services: fitness and traveling. This becomes easier to attract their specific target market.

  2. Kay,

    I just love the “Eat Mor Chickin” ad campaign! Those signs are famous around here. It’s quite a jab at the burger industry, and it works. Not to mention, the cow trying not be eaten is pretty funny.


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