Facing Tough Times…

Today’s post will cover Chapters 22-25 and finalize the book O My Soul by Tom Peters. In these final Chapters we find that Peters was on trial and had to step away from the businesses that he had spent his much of his life building. He would be found guilty (though he maintained his innocence) and sent to jail for a short time where he spent his time there as wisely as possible. It was interesting to note that Peters (1991), even during the worst of times, looked at the situation objectively and made the best of it. Upon some further research, I found an article written after the book that filled in details of what happened to Peters’ businesses. They were eventually sold and the money was donated for worthy causes. You can read the article for yourself at the following link:


Some final thoughts…

New business owners start their ventures out with high expectations. They should be bold and positive! However, being prepared for unforeseen circumstances can mean the difference between success and defeat. One can look at Peters (1991) story and the fact that his businesses were eventually sold and the profits donated as a failure or one can look at them as a win. Peters (1991) was very successful in his business decisions because he was always ready and willing to change as the times changed and he made the best out of every situation. What ultimately happened to him was beyond his control and could not be predicted.

Andrew Griffiths, in his article “11 Ways to Get Through any Tough Time in Business” says, “There are two types of business-those that have had tough times and those that are going to have tough times.” I had to smile at this quote. Life is not perfect, nor is life easy. Businesses are going to go through tough times. What one makes out of those tough times is what counts! Take a look at this article at the following link for 11 Ways to get a business through the touch times. Some excellent advice is found within!





Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.

Facing Life and Rebuilding…

Last week I expanded on Peters (1991) being able to make changes as needed within his business ventures. I am picking back up with this blog post with Chapters 29-35 of the book, O My Soul by, by Tom Peters. The Chapters this week cover the difficult times. Peters (1991) shares what happened to him when he was accused of a crime. He plead not guilty, yet he was forced to go through the arduous criminal process that can consume and take over one’s life right out of the blue for years. After accomplishing so much in twenty years of business ventures that he truly believed in, Peters was blinded by accusations he had no way of knowing were coming.

These chapters bring to mind the point that life can and often will throw you a punch that you are not expecting. What can we do if life throws us a curve ball? Peters (1991) fell back on his roots, his deep religious beliefs, that had brought him through many trials and afflictions throughout his life. He found that there were still people that supported him, including his wife, family, friends, and associates. When the storm was raging, he did his best to stick to his foundation.

It is important for business owners to have emergency contingency plans in case of unforeseen circumstances. Often we are blindsided by what we would never imagine could happen to us. What do you do if you have to completely start over? I have this personal advice for you:

Stay calm.

Take a look at what you DO have left.

Decide what you can do with what you have left.

If what you have left no longer supports your current trajectory, consider what new trajectory you can pursue.

Realize that sometimes no outside help will be coming, be a part of your own rescue.

Believe that you can rebuild.

Start over and rebuild.

Many successful business owners have lost everything more than once. There is nothing wrong with starting over. If you have to start over, then do it!

For further advice check out the following links to articles that will help your business start over.

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Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.

“Make it Better” Video

“Make It Better” Video

Please take a look at my “Make it Better” Video Product Review

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Reference links for the photos shown in this video are found below:




Future Scanning Post

Innovation and Invention: Self-Serve Kiosks

I have to admit that I do love self-serve kiosks at Walmart that allow me to skip long lines and check myself out. Additionally, I love the fact that I can bag my items just the way I want to bag them. What started as a few self-serve kiosks has now multiplied greatly to multiple self-serve kiosks. The kiosks at my local Walmart started out small, very small. There was a very small work area to check out and a small bagging area. Recently, some of the kiosks at my local Walmart have been integrated into the regular checkout lines with the rolling conveyor check out. I can put an entire cart of groceries on the checkout counter and as I scan an item and bag it, the roller brings up the next item. What an improvement!

There is a trend among companies seeking to save money by using technology rather than human power (The Future Kiosk). Using self-serve kiosks is one way to accomplish this goal. Christmann (2018) notes that self-serve kiosks are a “…part of a national trend toward automation at stores and restaurants, driven by more tech-savvy consumers, less expensive and easier-to-implement technology, and the rising costs of unskilled human labor. Researchers say increased automation could put workers out of jobs, especially as they advocate for higher wages” (para 3).

Christmann noted these facts in 2018, moving on to 2019, I found that retail kiosk projections for this year will be even far greater (Maras, 2019). With the projection of more and more kiosks this year, one should keep in mind that 2018 was “…a banner year for interactive kiosks…” (Maras, 2019, para 1). That’s says something about where we are heading! Wiseguysreports.com projects that self-serve kiosks will continue to grow for many years to come. I have witnessed one employee working as many as ten of these self-serve kiosks at one time, moving from kiosk to kiosk as the need arises. Clearly, self-serve kiosks allow for a larger amount of people to check out in a shorter amount of time, while requiring fewer employees to do so.

What is driving this move to more technology? Maras (2019) notes that technology is cheaper than hiring more employees and that employees are overburdened and need the self-serve kiosks to ease that burden. Self-serve kiosks allow employers to lower their costs to operate and at the same time attract customers who prefer the ease of use of such (Maras, 2019). I know I certainly do enjoy the ease of use of self-checkout kiosks and I am not surprised that others do as well.

Technology continues to move forward each and every day. It may not be too long before even the self-checkout kiosks, still new and upcoming, are obsolete. In researching, I discovered that there are apps already available that can be used right from our phones to scan and pay for items without ever going through any sort of check-out line. This technology encourages us to “skip the line” altogether. Something to think about and to keep an eye on for sure! This goes to show that no matter how great a product is, there is always something greater on the horizon. Innovation and invention is always on the move.


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Looking to the Future!

Hello Blog Post Readers!

I am picking back up with this blog post with Chapters 22-28 of the book, O My Soul by, by Tom Peters. Last week I discussed life moving on and the need for us to move right along with it. We cannot get stuck in the past or even in the present…we must be moving towards the future!

Throughout these new chapters there is a whirlwind of activity! Peters (1991) purchases a restaurant, a farm, a trolley, and pursues multiple entrepreneurial ventures at once. He was operating three group homes for boys and three group homes for girls AND started their first alternative school for troubled youth. Can you imagine the activity that was going on during that time of growth and expansion? What struck me the most about this chapter was that Peters (1991) mentions that these ventures evolved. As circumstances changed, so did the ventures. Peters (1991) never failed to move with the times. He was not stuck on initial plans and purposes. His ventures evolved!

New entrepreneurs must keep future scanning in mind. With that thought in mind, I want to talk a little bit about the future of CBD.

With changes in laws recently legalized in the farm bill, the future of CBD oil is now off the charts. The opportunity for new entrepreneurs in the area of CBD is outstanding! Sales are predicted to boom this year and in many years to come. Multiple companies will try to capitalize on this opportunity. I want to take the time to present one such company, Purium.

Purium’s CBD is Full-spectrum, hemp seed oil with hemp derived CBD. Take a look at the following link:


Purium is a super foods company that ranks right at the top. As quoted from the website link above, “David Sandoval formulated CBD+ 1500 with both the full spectrum extract as well as isolate extract.  Purium believes in whole foods, whole plants and the co-factors that are in a whole food matrix.  That is why it was important to offer full spectrum extract in a base of organic hemp seed oil.  Science and cutting edge research on pure isolate CBD show great promise as well. A unique product was formulated that brought the two schools of thought together so the user can experience the benefits of both.  David Sandoval is a pioneer in the natural products and whole foods industry and always seeks to use synergy in his formulations to maximize the therapeutic effect.”  

Having used Purium’s CBD oil, I can attest to how great this product is. In addition, I have been using multiple nutritional products from Purium for several months. I love these products! They do work and they have made a HUGE difference in my health. I would personally recommend that each person purchase a 10 day Transformation…there is a 60 day money back guarantee, you cannot lose a thing!  I gained new health and wellness, lost weight, and feel the best I have felt in my life. I have tried many products including the 10-day Transformation and the CBD along with many others. The quality is outstanding!  In addition, you can become a brand partner and sell the Purium products as well. So, take a look and become a Purium customer or brand partner today!


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Here’s a link to an article about CBD. This business is projected to be an 8 billion dollar business. You can get on board now through Purium, become a brand partner, and make your way to the top as sells of CBD rise. Want to become a brand partner? Send me an email at kayreyna@bellsouth.net and I will help you!

Take a look at the following link to learn more information on CBD:



Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.

Life moves on…make sure your business does too…

Let’s pick back up from our last post where we took inspiration from the book, O My Soul by, by Tom Peters. We have been learning from the journey Peters’ life took, including times when he was ill, which forced him to take breaks and rest. Sometimes life happens and one needs down time to recover…and recover Peters (1991) did… as we can see from continuing with Chapters 15-21.

We learn from Chapters 15-21 that life does move on! Peters (1991) began his work with troubled youth (remember the inspiration came during earlier difficult times). Peters (1991) would open the first group home for teenagers in the entire world! How unlikely this might have seemed while Peters was down with illness, and yet he changed the world. It was the beginning of Betterway, an organization of his own creation, designed to help troubled youth and in doing so he created an organization that was unique from anything that existed in all the world! You may have noticed I repeated the fact he created something new that did not exist in all the world. Yes, I did repeat that fact. New Entrepreneurs have the ability to do just that, I do and so do you. Remember that it takes persistence through the tough times. Yet, you can change the world.

Moving still along, Peters (1991) married and formed a new family unit all while continuing to expand upon his organization to provide homes for a multitude of different people with different needs. Soon, in addition to the group home for the boys, he would open additional homes for others including girls and those recently released from prison. He opened a small shop and stocked the shop with items that would provide income. When items no longer were profitable to sell, he changed what he was selling. Peters (1991) shows the new entrepreneur that change is necessary and changing can be done successfully. Constantly evaluating what is working and what is not working is necessary and then taking action must follow. In addition, these chapters provide insight to trips that Peters (1991) took around the world to research how others were coming along…these others had once visited his small start-up to get ideas from him.

Several takeaways come to my mind:

Life does go on after trials…make sure you also press on!

Family life and business often happen simultaneously. Enjoy both!

Evaluate your business and then evaluate it again…make the needed changes when the changes are needed!

Research and research, never stop learning…you can learn from others, as well as, others learning from you!

Lastly, this week I want us to remember that the inspiration for the book came only after Peters (2001) was accused of crimes and was on trial for those crimes…while no new details were revealed this week, we shall continue to see how the story unfolds over the next several weeks. I keep reminding readers of this bit of information because great things can happen from less than great circumstances. This book is proof.


Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.