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We pick up today with chapters 8-14 of the book O My Soul by Tom Peters. When we left off last week we had learned a great deal from our past. We asked ourselves questions about how our past influenced our today and our future and if we believed that we could make a difference with new creations and innovations in our world today as new entrepreneurs.

Chapters 8-14 continue along these lines in some ways. Peters (1991) among multiple other details about his life, discussed the multiple times in his life that he came down with unexpected illnesses and how these illnesses incapacitated him at the time they occurred.  Often, he spent days, weeks, and even months recuperating for those unexpected events. Each time he would return home to recover, and while there, to find new strength to continue along his journey. He mentioned specifically that he became worn out and exhausted requiring a time of rest, renewal, re-planning, and emerging again to carry on. During these Chapters Peters (1991) also shares the inspiration of his future venture, Betterway’s group homes, that he would eventually envision and create. We will learn more about these in future weeks.

For this week, I want to focus on the insight that there will be times in our lives that we encounter unexpected illnesses and setbacks. Our health is one of the most important things we can foster. Without our health, we are unable to accomplish much of anything…much less a successful entrepreneurship venture. We could very easily come down with a health crisis or it may be necessary for us to take care of others within our immediate family who may become unexpectedly ill.

We can look at the book for some inspiration on how Peters (1991) was able to recover and continue. He mentioned several things: he returned home to recuperate (a family farm where his family raised their own food-thereby he most likely received great nutrition), he rested his body, spent time in prayer, and he fed his spirit with Spiritual food (often reading his Bible and meditating on God’s Word). He also kept thinking about his future, though he did not know how his future would turn out.

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Lastly, this week I want us to remember that the inspiration for the book came only after Peters (2001) was accused of crimes and was on trial for those crimes…we shall continue to see how the story unfolds over the next several weeks… Perhaps the points I mentioned this week are not the most encouraging…speaking of possible negative life events…yet we are all human and face a certain amount of adversity in our lives and in our business ventures. YET, we can press on through the diversity to success. So, no matter where you are in your life, there ARE still great days ahead. You just have to keep pressing on. Press! Press! Press! And when necessary, you must take care of yourself by taking a rest to rejuvenate, rebuild, renew, and relaunch again. You can! You will! Make sure that you do!


Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Innovation and Creation Podcast

Please enjoy my podcast on Entrepreneurial Leadership Innovation and Creation. In my podcast, I mention several catchy phrases, songs, and slogans that make products memorable. The products I mention came easily to mind and I have fond memories of them. I was inspired to create the podcast by watching The Coca Cola History Documentary. Links to the video and links to each of the products mentioned in the podcast are listed below.

Enjoy my Podcast! Then watch and explore the links below!

The Coca Cola History Documentary can be found at the following link: L

Oscar Meyer Bologna


The iconic commercial from 1973:

Lucky Charms:


The 1970’s commercial:

Trix: https://www.generalmills.com/Brands/Cereals/Trix.aspx

The 1980’s commercial:

Cocoa Puffs: https://www.generalmillscf.com/products/category/cereal/bulk/cocoa-puffs

Frosted Flakes: https://www.frostedflakes.com/en_US/home.html

JG Wentworth:


JG Wentworth Commercial:







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Learning From Your Past and Dealing With Unexpected Paths

“Creativity-Innovation” Book Reflections Week 2…

This week I read the first seven chapters of O My Soul by Tom Peters. O My Soul tells the life story of Tom Peters and is a very interesting read. In the first seven chapters Peters discusses his ancestry and where his roots came from. Highlighted within his ancestry one will find multiple business owners, as well as, various experiences that impacted Peters’ life. Often one takes for granted their ancestry and roots. It is easy to forget or even never know where one came from. Yet, the past does have an impact on one’s life and I expect we will find in the case of Peters this is true as his story unfolds throughout the book.

Some insights that I have taken away from the first seven chapters is that those in our past have an impact on who we are. Creativity and innovation of our ancestors impacts the world today. Nothing was created that has not impacted some form of life today. For example, the invention of the car is mentioned. Another interesting part of the book mentions how two of his ancestors who lost each other while traveling, each arriving in the United States at different times. There was no way to call people by phone to locate them; the newspaper was used. An advertisement was taken out in the newspaper and Peters’ relatives were able to find each other again (Peters, 1991).

Many of us today take for granted the creativity and innovations that exist today.

Another insight that I gained from reading Peters’ story, was to appreciate the journey that we are on. Our past impacts our future. However, the journey is our journey. We each have our own creations and innovations to add. Sometimes in life, we have a part of our journey that we would rather not have. Peters also had this experience. The inspiration for the book came only after he was accused of crimes and was on trial for those crimes…we shall see how the story unfolds and I will share it with you over the next several weeks.

If you are facing an unexpected part of your journey, I want to take this time to encourage you not to give up. I have written a book that may help you, Fight the Giant, Not the Journey: When Your Life Takes a Detour Down an Unexpected Path. This book is available on Amazon at the following link:


In closing this blog post, I ask you these questions:

How has your past contributed to who you are today?

What creations and innovations are YOU bringing to the world?

Do you believe you can impact the world through creating and innovating?

Believe, You Can!


Peters, T. (1991). O my soul: The inside story. Elyria, OH: Betterpubpress.

Book Reflections Coming Soon!

Welcome back to my blog post!

Coming soon, I will be posting book reflections on the following book:

Peters, Tom. O My Soul : The inside Story. Elyria, Ohio: Betterpubpress, 1991.

Reflections on this book are a part of my ongoing Master’s of Entrepreneurship journey at Western Carolina University. My current class is ENT 601 “Entrepreneurial Innovation.”

Looking forward to sharing my reflections with you!