Here’s My New Elevator Speech!

Take a listen to my new elevator speech as an author, artist, and motivational speaker and let me know what you think!

Entrepreneurship 645-50 Elevator Pitch

Then take a listen to my new elevator speech for my 501c3 Non-Profit organization, Operation Homeland Honor,

3 thoughts on “Here’s My New Elevator Speech!”

  1. Great confident job Kay. Professionally stated in both audio presentations. I’ll take a look at your website for the non-profit asap. Best of luck for this worthy cause.

  2. Kay,

    Fabulous accomplishment! And so rapidly! I’m very impressed. You always seem to be on top of accomplishing your work at a high speed! I hope to follow your enthusiasm with not only submission speed, but your clarity, inspiration, confidence & supportive attitude with your pitches!

    Your time is appreciated,

  3. Kay,

    I could swear I already posted a response on your elevator speeches… I don’t seem to have done so…

    Anyway, here goes (again?):
    You staying on top of your projects ahead of the troops – so to speak – is very inspiring & I am moved to keep up with your advancement. It encourages me to keep pace and I have a lot of work to do to get where you are in this course. I have completed my elevator pitch vocally, but again I am going above & beyond by creating an edited video to go along with my audio.

    Participating in so many manifestations must be such a multitasking project! And all whilst being a caregiver as well… I appreciate your purpose when it comes to the “Homeland Heroes.” The alliteration in the name is also very satisfactory. Personally, I love alliteration applied to names of things & such.

    Thanks so much (seriously),
    Alana Karma

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